Urmston Coach Hire and Minibus Hire

Welcome to our no-stress, no-hassle minibus and coach hire.

You tell us where and when you want to go. We work out the rest.

Feeling a call to adventure? We’re ready to help you on your way.

Here at Urmston Coach Hire, we pride ourselves on our friendly, affordable, and flexible services. Based in Manchester, we offer a wide variety of vehicles to suit your specific needs.

We will not only provide you with a premium service at an affordable cost but will ensure both your safety and comfort during your time with us.

We started off as a family run business, but our good reputation has allowed us to grow as a company. That being said, we maintain that friendly family feel, providing you with a personalised experience. From our team in the office to the driver on your journey, you will experience kindness, friendliness, and expertise from all of our staff.

You want it, we provide it

Want a party bus to the city centre? Want a stress-free trip to the airport? Want an adventure spent hiking in the Peak District? We've got you covered. With a large fleet of coaches and minibuses, we can provide transport for every occasion.

When you hire with us, be sure to tell us what kind of experience you are looking for, so we can tailor each trip, making it a journey to remember.

Going on a hen or stag do and want party décor and lighting? Going on a celebratory day out and want the vehicle to have an exciting feel to it? Throwing a surprise birthday excursion and want party decorations?

We want to make you feel like the special and valued customer that you are and ensure you travel in style.

What hiring includes

When you hire either a coach or minibus with us, we provide you with an end to end journey (we pick you up, you drop off and then bring you home again). You will have your own personal driver for the duration of your trip (no surprise driver changes). We also do all the planning ahead, so you don't have to. Browse our fleet online and take a look at the specific vehicles and see the perks of each one. But don't be overwhelmed. If you are unsure of what vehicle is best for your trip, get in contact and one of our experts will be happy to lend some friendly advice.

What you can expect from us:
➤Fully qualified and experienced staff
➤DBS checked drivers
➤Drivers knowledgeable in the local area
➤Friendly faces
➤Strong timekeeping
What you can expect from your vehicle:
➤Safety checks before and after every outing
➤Premium seating for long-distance comfort
➤Immaculately cleaned inside and out
➤Fully equipped with both air conditioning and heating
➤Quality interiors

When you hire with us, we promise to provide an experience unlike any other.

All of our drivers are highly skilled and professional, familiar with the local area. Your driver will be able to provide you with everything you need, from a knowledge of Manchester, to simply moving any of your luggage. Before your trip, we will work out the best routes in order to get you to your So with that in mind, all that's left for you to do is sit back and enjoy the ride.

Our rates

We offer a top of the range hire from just £42. Whilst we offer competitive and affordable rates, we do not comprise on quality, as you'll find out. Our desire is not to be a drain on your finances, but to be an unexpected bonus on top of your already brilliant plans.

Fill out our Get A Quote form for an instant idea of the cost or give us a ring to speak to one of our team about the cost of the journey. Once you have a quote that you’re happy with, it’s time to get ready for your adventure with us.

How it works

We made hiring one of our vehicles as easy as one, two, three:

  1. Tell us the location, date and timings of your trip. Be sure to include how many people are coming and what kind of trip you're having.
  2. The paperwork and payment. This part is super easy and can be done either over the phone or online.
  3. That's it. All that's left is to pack for your journey (and brag to all your friends about how fancy the bus will be).

So, why choose us?

We are different from other hire companies because of our family-feel. We don't want to make you feel you're dealing with a business, we want it to feel like you're working with a friend. We feel honoured that we can be a part of special days, celebrations, and memories that will last a life time, and we take that responsibility very seriously.

Travelling can be boring, it can uncomfortable, it can be annoying. However, we don't believe it should be. We don't believe that travelling should be mundane, stress-inducing, and frustrating. We wholeheartedly believe that your time spent on the road should be just as enjoyable as your time spent at your destination. We believe in providing you with a service that is always on time.

How to find us

We are based just outside of the city centre, (click here for more details) but you don't need to worry about finding our offices. When it’s time for your adventure, we will come to you.

What are you waiting for?

Don't just read what we have to say, come, and experience the luxury of a high-quality journey for yourself. We think you'll enjoy it.

Be sure to turn to Urmston Coach Hire, for all your transport needs. See you soon.