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Welcome to Worsley Coach Hire!

We offer a variety of wonderful vehicles to suit the size of your party and get you to your destination in style. From small, family minivans to large, corporate coaches, we have what you need to enjoy the journey.
Who Are We?
Well, in short, we are Manchester’s number one choice for coach and minibus hire. What started as a small business soon became a household name in Manchester and rose to the top of recommendations.

Where Can You Find Us?
Located in Manchester City Centre, we are easy to find, near the Royal Exchange Arcade on Cross Street. Click Here for Maps. We Care About You and We Care About Quality We have an unmatched quality of vehicles to choose from, which are all designed to offer style and comfort, as well as a slick and simple booking process. There is no better choice than Worsley Coach Hire
Our company is proud of the family values it was built on. Still in the heart of our troupe are those same ideals that Worsley Coach Hire instilled in us from the very beginning: we care. We care about you and we care about your journey. We strive to provide the best experience and ensure that we create a lasting relationship with the people who choose us. As we’ve grown, we’ve helped thousands of people get where they need to be. Just last year, we were there for over 300 happy customers on their journeys, earning those memories a place in their hearts forever. We hope to add your name to the list of happy customers that just keeps on going.
We look forward to having you among our hundreds of loyal customers and to become the one you rely on for all your journeys! Choose Worsley Coach Hire to Take You There.

Enjoy the Journey With Worsley Coach Hire Modern life doesn’t allow much time to appreciate the now. We are so focussed on the destination, we forget to enjoy the journey. With Worsley Coach Hire , the journey is just as important. We have a range of high quality, recently serviced and smooth running vehicles to suit your needs. The easy booking and collection system makes the entire process seamless and reliable. We lift the stress of travel off your shoulders so you can relax before the key is in the ignition.

What We Offer
We have a wide range of vehicles that would suit your needs. From small parties of up to 20 to larger parties of up to 100, we have the vehicle for you.

Minibus Hire
Our luxury black minibuses are perfect for parties of up to 20 people! These are perfect for a family trip with all the grandparents or a pre-wedding party celebrating the new chapter about to come. The minibuses are ideal for a comfortable, air conditioned and premium feel journey, so you can arrive in style. They’re spacious, so there’s no feeling cramped, and there is plenty of room in the open-spaced boot for luggage. Pack it full of beach must-haves for the family or your favourite weekend away outfits and you’re good to go! MiniCoach Hire
These MiniCoaches exclusive to Worsley Coach Hire are perfectly suited to larger parties up to 50 people. Open the doors of education and wonder on school trips or take a small wedding party to the reception to avoid the confusion of who is leading who through traffic. These MiniBuses are ideal to help you navigate the way. With comfortable seats, on-board wifi and speakers throughout, we can bring the party atmosphere all the way from the front seats to the back. Keep the class entertained or continue the party by connecting your device of choice and hit the gas on the perfect playlist for the moment.

Coach Hire
Ladies and Gentlemen, here are the big leagues. The executive coaches are the perfect match for your larger parties up to 100 people. Your bigger wedding parties, multiple class trips or professional conferences are catered for with this choice. With capacity for luggage in the storage compartment to keep your things safe, Worsley Coach Hire will look after you.

Feeling Fancy? Hire a Chauffeur!
Not only do we offer collections from the branch, but we also have incredible chauffeurs who are happy to cater to all of your travel needs. Our chauffeurs are friendly, considerate and passionate about providing an unparalleled customer experience. By choosing this option, we take away the stress so you can enjoy your trip from the very beginning. There’s no arguing over maps, no misdirecting SatNavs or confusing road signs. Just you, your party and the open road. Relax, let us take the wheel.

We Are Happy to Help
We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for thinking of Worsley Coach Hire . We hope to be with you on all your important trips.
Enjoy the journey with Worsley Coach Hire