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Wardle Coach Hire and Minibus Hire

All about Wardle Coach Hire
Whether you're transporting just four people or organising a company event for 400 employees, transport often constitutes the beginning and end of the event. With Wardle Coach Hire, quality is the name of the game. We give the highest possible level of assistance from booking to after sales, with itinerary amendments in between. We strive to listen to the needs of our customers and then under-promise and over-deliver. We take the utmost care to build and maintain relationships. We offer a Price Match Guarantee, so if you can find a cheaper price from another coach hire company, we'll beat it. We're Midas and Pat-certified.
If you're travelling with infants or someone in a wheelchair, please let us know; if someone in your party has limited mobility, you'll be grateful you're going by coach or minibus and not a regular car when it comes to getting on. We love that our vehicles keep the country moving and drive its tourism sector.

All about us
We're an independently run family company. We cover the area around Manchester, providing coaches and minibuses for schools, companies large and small and private entities. It's all-too-common for monopolising corporations to take over businesses and then offer impersonal service and lax standards. While not huge, we are well-established and are happy to offer a friendly, personal service.
Our vehicles range from eight-seat minibuses to 78-seat double-decker coaches. The booking process is very simple, so you have less to worry about when planning your journey. We have covered station, port and airport transfers, touring, corporate travel, school trips and events such as weddings, religious happenings, stag and hen parties, sports and music shows. We're all-too-familiar with Britain's regular events, and you'll have been able to find us at Royal Ascot, Wimbledon, the Golf Open, the Olympics, the Cheltenham and Newmarket races, football matches and Glastonbury to name but a few. We even do an emergency breakdown service, providing transport at the shortest of notice; we've helped a goodly number of businesspeople, students and tourists get home following the disconcerting experience of becoming stranded in a strange place. No matter how complex or simple your needs, we'll arrange the transportation. We're one of the easiest, greenest, most efficient, safest ways to transport a group of people wherever it is they wish to go. We're the exclusive coach partner for a number of bodies. We can assure you of expertise, flexibility and responsiveness.

Our vehicles
Whether you're after a small van for light removal or a veritable multi-person vehicle to transport a group of people, we're sure to have something that suits your needs. Our entire fleet is kept constantly up-to-date and well-prepared: all our vehicles adhere to both UK and EU laws. We appreciate that security is crucial, so our drivers have all passed enhanced DBS checks. If privacy matters to you, our larger coaches have tinted windows and curtains. Safety is another major consideration, so all our vehicles undergo rigorous safety checks by an independent garage every six weeks - it's impossible to beat our record. Vehicles feature three-point fitted seat belts, air conditioning, reclining seats and armrests. There are on-board toilets, power sockets, TV facilities and wifi on larger vehicles. We clean every one of our vehicles to a very high standard.

How to do it
Wardle Coach Hire is but a phone call away, eager to provide you with a coach or minibus that meets your requirements. All we need to know is the number of people that will be travelling, where they'll be going and if or where they need picking up afterwards. No matter what are your travel needs, Wardle Coach Hire always aims to exceed your expectations. With more than X years of experience in the coach hire industry, Wardle Coach Hire is perfectly positioned to give you coaches or minibuses with only a few minutes' notice, providing superb travel at competitive prices. Our thousands of customers, many of whom keep coming back, will testify to this. There can be a vehicle at your door in only half an hour. Our drivers always arrive on time and, being highly skilled, are sure to know the best route for every journey. They'll get you where you want to go - in comfort.

Introducing our drivers
Our drivers are all experienced and carefully selected to be friendly and informative. They're put on regular courses to keep their skills up-to-date and meet regulations.
Leave us to carry out any necessary research about pick-up points and traffic diversions. If “limited parking available” translates to ”none at all”, we'll cope.

Pricing considerations
Our prices are very competitive, and you can check https://www.coachhirecomparison.co.uk/ if you don't believe it. Hire duration is a major factor when it comes to pricing: longer trips will require multiple drivers because the law dictates that a driver can only work for as much as thirteen hours in one day, driving for a maximum of nine hours. The timing of trips is another factor: less common travel times will mean more vehicles are available and we'll be so grateful, prices will be lower. If the mileage required is above a certain level, there'll be an additional fee per mile; it's best to keep pick-ups and drop-offs to a minimum to reduce mileage. While you might have a good reason to keep your coach or bus with you for the duration of the hire, this can make a large difference to the price.

Why you'd want to go by coach or minibus
Train fares have risen continuously for years. They had gone up by 2.7 percent in the year up to January 2020; this might not seem like much, but, over time, it adds up. Also, when it comes to travelling, you have to make your way to the station, find the appropriate platform, board the train and then endure many stops as you travel.
If you haven't used a multi-person vehicle for untold years, you'll be expecting something dark, stuffy and uncomfortable. We've come a long way since then. The amount of luggage you can take also compares most favourably with trains and planes.